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Finlândia 745



Act on the State Television and Radio Fund

(745/1998; amendments up to 395/2003 included)


Chapter 1

General provisions

Section 1

Objective of the Act

The objective of this Act is to organise the funding of the activities of the Finnish Broadcasting Company Ltd and the management of the State Television and Radio Fund as well as also otherwise promote television and radio activities.

Section 2


For the purposes of this Act:

1) a television set means equipment or an equipment combination intended for the receipt and following of television programmes; and

2) use of television means the receipt of television programmes by a television set or the keeping or storing of a television set so that, at any time, with minor measures, it can be used to receive television programmes.

Chapter 2

State Television and Radio Fund

Section 3 (395/2003)

State Television and Radio Fund and the fees to be collected thereto